The skies in May are looking much less tumultuous than they did in April! 

  • This balancing month aligns with grounding Taurus season and is highlighted by a stimulating full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. 
  • Mother’s Day, May 10th brings lighthearted harmony and stress relief for all. 
  • A new moon in Gemini on the 22nd brings a slight uptick in restlessness, but nothing as serious as the hand we’ve already been dealt.

Read on for sign-specific predictions for May:


Happy birthday! At the beginning of May, Mercury will be prompting you to speak your mind just as the communication planet holds hands with Uranus, planet of tech and surprises. Put your thoughts out into the world this month. Look for a sensual full moon in Scorpio on May 7th.  In between social media checks, make sure to call your maternal figure on Mother’s day, may 10th. You may feel some heat in your career at the new moon in Gemini on May 22nd, but your sense of structure and long-term goal awareness will keep you grounded. All in all, May is a month of maturity and radiance for Tauruses.

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You’ll be expanding your dynamism at the beginning of May, with beautifying Venus in your first house of identity and driven Mars in your house of learning. A sexy full moon in Scorpio on May 7th will have you celebrating your body, which will help you to maintain your self-care as your cosmic education continues, which a maternal figure will notice on May 10th, Mother’s Day. The new moon in Gemini on May 22nd arrives with glorious feelings of balance, self-worth and beauty. You’ll be pushed to enjoy life’s ride. It may be a challenge to stay spiritually focused, so find little ways to fill this need. May is a month of learning and grace for Geminis.

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May will be breezy for Cancers at the start of the month, which leaves room for creative inspiration which will peak at the Scorpio full moon in your fifth house of creativity on May 7th. Celebrate May 10th, Mother’s day with a one-on-one chat with a special maternal figure and acknowledge that person for their positive influences on your life and relationships. The new moon in Gemini on May 22nd lands in your 12th house of spirituality while angling nicely to powerhouse planets Jupiter and Saturn in your 7th house of partnerships, which will spotlight and bring harmony to lovers, besties and other duos. Overall, May appears to be a month of fresh creativity and deep connections with those closest to Cancers.

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Cosmic cats will begin the month feeling stable in body and money matters at the beginning of May. The full moon in Scorpio in your fourth house of home is ideal for creating a sacred nest in your space. You’ll impress your maternal figure on Mother’s Day, May 10th due to lovely angles between planets in your sixth house of health and your 10th house of career. Watch out for tough times between community members, family and even asset worries at the new moon on May 22nd, which your strong will and immunity will prepare you for without a doubt. Overall, May suggests stability and glowing health will befall Leos in May.

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Virgins of the zodiac will be thinking creatively about long-term goals at the beginning of May, but not too intensely. Deep conversations with sibs or old pals may deliver life-shifting advice on the Scorpio full moon on May 7th to reinforce your ideas. After implementing a few changes thanks to your shift in perspective, Mother’s Day will be bright and sunny thanks to your smarter-not-harder adjustments. Partnerships may face a little rockiness just as your career starts to show dramatic improvement at the new moon in Gemini on May 22nd in your tenth house of career. Overall, May is a month of creative adjustments with long-term payoffs for Virgos.

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Leadership-prone Libras will be inspired to challenge the world to make changes that help to restore and beautify the planet at the beginning of May, and a steadying full moon in Scorpio on May 7th in your second house of resources will reveal your emotional capacity to do so. Mother’s Day on May 10th will bring glorious celestial weather for visiting with matriarchs to rebalance your soul. Your body will let you know when it’s time to slow down and reflect on the work that you have done, likely at the new moon in Gemini on May 22nd in your house of learning. Overall, May is a month of ramping up the energy to lead the world towards a more beautiful future.

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Celestial scorpions have been building and rebalancing relationships with siblings and old friends for some time now, and positive career blossoms at the beginning of May will create space for additional focus in this area. Spirit-inspired creativity and good communication bring beyond-spicy possibilities at the full moon in your sign on May 7th. Smooth communication with maternal figures will lead to an exchange of well-received advice on Mother’s Day, May 10th. The new moon in Gemini on May 22nd may come with creative urges that could tempt you away from important matters involving money and assets, but as long as you can prioritize these heavier topics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to come out on top. Overall, May looks sexy, family-oriented and lucky for Scorpios.

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Lucky stags are feeling secure and sultry at the beginning of May. This fresh start will open you to receive divine downloads that will likely bless your bank account at the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th in your twelfth house of karma and spirituality. A visit with a matriarch in your life will rejuvenate your soul and physical health on Mother’s Day, May 10th. Watch out for strain in your relationship around the 22nd, the new moon in Gemini in your house of partnerships, which will conflict in Mars in your house of home and nurturing. Be sure to ask your housemates, partner, bank or landlord if it’s cool to make any dramatic changes to your living situation. Overall, May looks to be both healing and challenging for Sagittarius with continued pressure to cultivate security.

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Sea goats of the zodiac will be enjoying a period of peace at the beginning of May, which will be amplified by heart-healing connections with friends and community members at the Scorpio full moon on May 7th. Sudden news of a creative opportunity on May 10th, Mother’s Day, will delight and inspire you and the mother in your life. Sibling or friendship strain will require a heart-to-heart conversation at the new moon the Gemini on May 22nd, and be sure to do so, because your glow depends on that convo. Overall, May appears to be social and communication-focused for Capricorns. Be mindful of over-socializing, which can turn fun Zoom sessions into headache triggers on a dime.

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Early May find water bearers fighting off emotions for the sake of creative pursuits. The Scorpio full moon on May 7th sends a signal to stabilizing Saturn so you can chill for a moment and clear your head. The matriarch in your life may surprise you with dazzling communication skills that improve your relationship. The new moon on May 22nd puts you back in the conductor’s seat of your creative train, which will be fueled by the fire of your deepest understanding of your purpose. You’ll rise to the challenge of relieving strain on your resources. Overall, May appears to be firing Aquarius up and sending them full speed into a spirit-driven direction.

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Fishes of the zodiac are likely feeling super cooped + pooped at the beginning of May, but with their ruling planet Neptune hovering in their first house, this may actually be their psychic energy working full-force. At the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th, they’ll be blessed with visions involving community members both old and new, and stabilizing ideas that address global issues. The mother in your life could offer a stingy piece of criticism that will ultimately do you some good on May 10th, Mother’s Day. Home will become the focus of the new moon on May 22nd. Take this time to regroup and redecorate. Overall, May appears to be filled with psychic channeling and fresh, spring energy for growth and nesting. 

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Achilles heel planet Chiron is hovering in Aries at the beginning of May, bringing out opportunity spots in personal identity growth. At the same time, creative inspiration and friends provide helpful ideas. Strong emotions thanks to the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th may spur powerful career moves. These will bring out your strut on Mother’s Day, which will likely involve time with siblings (or spirit sibs if you’re an only child). Spiritual weight may return at the new moon on May 22nd, which signals that it’s time to rest and rejuvenate. Allow this time to reflect on your achievements, which continue to accumulate as of late. Overall, May looks to be emotional and powerful for cosmic rams.

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Happy May! Love, Herbivore

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