While entangled friends indulge in romantic plans and lovers’ affections abound, folks managing heartache may find themselves feeling in need of energetic support. Valentine’s Day and other sentimental seasons offer not-so-subtle reminders to routinely luxuriate in self care, laying the foundation for love and compassion – whether you’re involved or not! 

Anyone who’s suffered a broken heart knows that tough feelings can strike anytime and anywhere! Stave off inklings toward destructive behavior while out and about with these mini rituals that only require one or two products apiece. Keep this list in your back pocket to keep your cool!

The Heart Center Spell – Fan-favorite Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil is a blend inspired by emerald crystals, green plants and all things heart-centered. It’s the perfect meditation assistant at those moments when heavier emotions weigh on your spirit. To perform this ritual, find a mirror and apply a drop or two of Emerald to your T-zone and cheeks. Using your Jade Facial Roller, slowly and gently roll the oil into your skin. Jade crystals, like emeralds, are highly regarded for their power to aid to the body’s heart center. Gaze deeply into your eyes with the mirror, making sure to notice and admire your beauty. Pause to meditate for a moment or two, allowing the oil (and the positive vibrations you’ve conjured) to absorb into the skin and amplify your natural glow. Blow yourself a kiss to seal the spell.

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The Amethyst Assist – If you’ve only a few minutes at the bathroom sink to spare, run your hands under warm running water. This action alone will encourage you to feel more safe and emotionally resilient. Use the flow from the faucet to let sadness, anger, etc. energetically stream out and down the drain. The water’s warmth will calm your nerves and give you a naturally luxurious experience in and of itself. Apply a dollop of Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish to your palm to warm it up and work it into your hands and forearms. Notice as your energy calms while Amethyst’s real amethyst crystal granules exfoliate your hands and infuse them with deep moisture. Rinse, then rub your hands together to create a ball of heat in your palms, then spend a moment or two in meditative gratitude with your hands gently cupped together in a loose prayer gesture. Amethyst crystals are known for their stress-relieving energy, so this ritual is ideal for anxiety-related needs. It’s a good idea to complete your Amethyst experience with a gentle full-body scrub in the shower or tub later on.

The Rose Quartz Ritual – Those inclined toward soft shades of pink will take solace in our heart-healing Rose Quartz Ritual Kit, designed to fit in your purse, car, desk, etc. Pull the smooth rose quartz stone out of its velvety pouch and place it in your left palm with a few drops of Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil. Roll the crystal in the oil in your receptive left palm to feed yourself loving energy. The number six is associated with flexible stability, so take six slow, steady breaths. Focusing on this number can bring groundedness, and it can also help to move and remove unpleasant emotions and thought patterns. To seal this little spell, apply the (now crystal-charged) oil to your arms and décolletage to give your look a subtle shimmer and your auric field a rosy aroma. Allow the oil to hold this energy you’ve created, carrying it forth until the next time you need this kit.

What's New About the Rose Hibiscus Mist?

The Hibiscus Spritz Spell – Should you need to shed a quick tear (or ten) – cry it out – then spritz your face with Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist. This spritz sets any makeup you’ve had to re-apply, and heart-soothing rose and mood-brightening hibiscus ingredients lend their aromatherapeutic and beautifying benefits in your time of need. The number two is associated with openings and choice. Pause with eyes closed to take two deep, cleansing breaths as the spray gently settles onto the surface of your skin. To seal this energy, bring to mind two personal attributes you admire about yourself. If you have the time, take a short walk, noticing the power of your two feet as they take step after step.

Five Ways to Use Orchid Oil

The Princess Pause – When your world feels turned upside down, basics are your best bet to feel grounded and safe. Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil is our most straightforward oil, with an intoxicating-yet-subtle orchid and jasmine scent that quickly reminds you of your sensual power. Drop three magical drops of Orchid onto your pointer, middle, and ring fingertips. As you run your thumb along your fingertips to awaken the oil and release its fragrance, take three deep, cleansing breaths, imagining the outbreath is sending any unpleasant energy you’re processing deep into the earth’s core. Feel your body grow more grounded and calm with each outbreath. To complete this ritual, apply the oil your face, neck, and even your pulse points and the tips of your hair to surround you in sweet protection and sensual confidence.

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