Garnet aligns with the energy center in the at the base of the spine. The deep red gemstone is thought to align the root of the body and soul. This alignment forms a base in the body, radiating deep healing in areas of instinct, passion and connection.

The deep red hue of garnet is reflective of its fiery and earthen energies. It grounds the body and gives it energy simultaneously. Associated with the month of January, Garnet is the stone of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. These stabilizing energies enable strength via practicality met with passion.

Tune into garnet when it calls. It can either be cut into a precious gemstone or left as a raw or tumbled crystal. Whether wearing it as jewelry, toting it in your token purse, or incorporating it into your daily meditation, this magical blood-red stone brings a myriad of energetic benefits. 

  • Boost your bravery- Wear or keep a garnet on your person when you’re about to perform and/or are feeling nervous. This powerful stone is known to strengthen courage, enabling you to do your best and sweat less while doing so.
  • Balance your energy levels- Depressed or anxious? Most of us are sometimes. Encourage blood flow and deep regeneration by keeping a garnet stone by your bed or at your workplace. This particular stone is wonderful because it can be used day or night. It won’t cause drowsiness or sleeplessness.
  • Strengthen your sexual vitality: Should your sexual energy need balancing, reach for a piece of garnet. Place it in your left pocket for receptive sexual energy, and on the right to encourage seductivity. Keep one in each pocket or bra cup to strengthen both kinds of energy.
  • Increase gut instincts- Whether you’re learning to dance or defend yourself, garnet increases stamina, balance and focus. Decorate your home, studio or person in a balanced manner (one in each earlobe, one in the NW corner/one in the SE, etc.) with garnet crystal.
  • Amplifies your confidence- Nothing increases your glow like self-esteem! Feeling more balanced and passionate is encouraging, and also helps you to radiate from within! Match your skincare to your garnet-toting glow with our PRISM 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial followed by our moisture-rejuvenating Phoenix Facial Oil for a fresh complexion that’s protected with deep moisture.

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