Record-breaking temperatures met with dry conditions, brittle vegetation, windy weather and an out-of-hand spark—caused by humans or natural occurrences (like lightning striking)—equals fires that spread wide, causing mass devastation. 

Bushfires are normal in Australia, but this year’s fire season has been utterly devastating, burning millions of acres of land and impacting innumerable lives. Spiking temps are the cause, and will continue to threaten precious life and natural resources on earth unless immediate changes are made.

We at Herbivore are committed to doing our part to fight climate change, and this means taking measurable action. 

We use recyclable and reusable materials such as paper and glass in our packaging as much as possible. Because petroleum-based plastics are thought by some to be the leading cause of climate change, our sustainable objectives for 2020 include using more using only non-virgin plastics, and easily recyclable materials.

We are helping to shift the beauty industry by using only vegan, non-synthetic ingredients. Animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and synthetic ingredients contaminate our water and oceans. We continue to adhere to our sustainable ingredient values while proudly demonstrating their effectiveness.

Our entire company is undergoing an audit of packaging, shipping materials and waste management to ensure we make the most impactful changes first. The Australian bushfires remind us that these changes—and help for those currently impacted—cannot wait. 

We are currently matching all donations made through our website in response to the Australian bushfires. These funds will go to WIRES, an organization fighting for Australian wildlife. It is estimated that over a billion animals have so far been killed, and millions have been injured or displaced by these devastating fires.

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Image by Mélody P (@melodyp) | Unsplash Photo Community

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  1. you should look into a program where customers can send back their empty bottles (ex prism, facial oils, etc) and get a percentage off to just refill the already used bottle.

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