December’s crystal is turquoise! 

This opaque, greenish-blue gemstone is formed from the phosphates of hydrated copper and aluminum. Found in varying parts of the world including China, Australia, and Iran, turquoise is coveted amongst cultures that include Ancient Egyptians and the Pueblo people of the North American Southwest. This rare and valuable gem offers a myriad of metaphysical benefits along with its gorgeous healing hues:

  • Confidence: Turquoise encourages optimism, which builds mental health and clarity. A stronger mental and emotional constitution encourages confidence and inner alignment. Wear Turquoise when confronted with “fraudy feelings” or bruising to the creative ego. 
  • Purity and protection: Those working in big cities or energy-heavy zones (think: hospitals, transit stations, etc.) will benefit from the healing protection of Turquoise. This stone keeps energy flowing in the body and aura, allowing empaths to direct any toxic energy down into the earth.
  • Centeredness: Due to its strengthening and purifying attributes, turquoise brings about a sense of calm, which helps build emotional wisdom over time. Those who struggle with anxiety and related feelings might benefit greatly from the energy of this sacred stone on their person or in their workplace.
  • Enhances and balances energy: Wear turquoise to find the stamina and courage to see a long-term project through to the end. Marathoners, scholars, activists, and parents will find comfort in the energizing and path-clearing vibrations of this stone. Those seeking to manage impulses and maintain good habits will will also benefit from the balancing energy of turquoise.
  • Healing: Turquoise connects the heart and throat chakras, and allows your soul to speak truth. This connection creates ease when communicating needs and asking for help. Wear jewelry crafted with turquoise to heal from trauma, face an uphill battle, or simply find greater conviction and determination within. The tone of every healing process is set by the mind and heart, and turquoise facilitates positive anchoring. 

Pair turquoise crystal and Herbivore magic by swirling Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil and Lapis Facial Oil together to create a perfect teal-hued potion that matches and aids turquoise stones in cultivating spirit and skin health. After completing your AM skincare routine, slip on a turquoise piece of jewelry, or mediate with a piece of turquoise to absorb its benefits.

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