The luckiest sign in the zodiac is Sagittarius, known especially for boisterousness, boldness, and extroversion. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sag is expansive and encompassing, so this sign can pack a wallop. Under the influence of this stimulating sign’s potent energy, it’s important to temper spontaneity with steadiness. 

When stag energy is running on high, it usually means the party’s exciting, the gifts are expensive, and feet will wind up in mouths by the end of the night. You see, Sag is known for its boisterousness, storytelling, and grandeur. Don’t tell too many secrets to a Sag, or to anyone under strong Sagittarian influence, for they’re likely to tell everyone on accident. 

There’s something quite—to reference Harry Potter—Griffindor about a Sagittarius, and this is due to the archetype’s boldness and wild bravery. This can sometimes get Sag into trouble, which is why they need their many, many friends. Sagittarius is very popular, loving, and giving to the community, and this makes them very lucky! Call on Sag energy when you need the support of the masses.

On the same vein, Sag is a mutable(changeable) fire sign, which means fiery emotions are apt to present themselves. Temperament control is key, and meditation, water, and other fire-dousing forms of self-care are very important during Sagittarius season. For those born during the season of the stag, this is a lifelong practice.

Incorporate the following ideas as fiery Sag steps into the cosmic spotlight:

  • Cool off. Taming one’s temper is key under Sag-strong skies, so drink plenty of fresh, clean water, preferably in an attention-grabbing travel flask.
  • Give back. Sagittarius loves to be the center of attention, which presents the opportunity to channel feisty impulses toward the greater good. Use urges to preach from your soapbox to spread social awareness and create impactful change for the underserved.
  • Travel. Looking for adventure? Sag is, too. The sign of independence will equip you with cosmic street smarts, as it were, so be sure to book your ticket to fly through a Sagittarius-strong sky. Luck will be yours with a positive attitude the spirit of Sag by your side!

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