Scorpio is the most intense of the water signs, known for depth, sensuality, independence, and passion. Those with scorpion energy will be lithe, clever, sexy, and powerful. They lure mates like they lure prey, and love just as fiercely as they live. 

Strengths that accompany this sign are creativity, sexual health, and sense of adventure. Search all four corners of the Earth and you will not find a boring Scorpio. This sign possesses a siren-like sensuality that breaks hearts, writes epic love longs, and inspires creative masterpieces. True friendships and relationships with strong Scorpio energy are very often lifelong and nurturing, but not without drama.

Scorpios are often viewed from extremes. Folks either love ‘em or avoid ‘em—the latter being the formerly burned after having engaged in an intense love affair or breakdown with a beautiful Scorpio. Water holds an entirely different meaning to creatures of the desert, compared to creatures of the sea. The scarcity of water in Scorpio’s native land might contribute to this signs’ underlying vulnerable nature.

When Scorpio energy is runs high, challenges with stubbornness and moodiness are likely. Because Scorpio feels emotion so strongly, folks with a lot of this sign in their chart are more prone to using manipulation to gain control in relationships. Jealousy and possessiveness must be minimized and managed with the help of community, therapy, and practice in life experiences.

Channel Scorpio energy creatively with the following tips in your back pocket:

  1. Meditate. Scorpio is keen at tuning into the deep. Set up your own private Scorp corner complete with sensual pillows and dreamy incense, then dive in for a long sit. Daily practice is best—set a reminder now.
  2. Get freaky. Whether it’s a sex-capade or travel adventure, Scorpio seeks a sensual thrill. Safely indulge your “freaky” impulses from time to time—with seductive Scorpio vibes as your guide.
  3. Investigate. If there was ever a quintessential astrological sign able to sift through information and detect hidden truths, it’s Scorpio. Looking to expand your knowledge of your family tree, go plant-based, or learn a new language? Scorpio understands the importance of depth. Let your inner curious cat take you on important journeys with the help of Scorpio energy.

Illustration by Wren McMurdo

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