A full moon in Scorpio is an exhilarating occasion highlighted with sensuality and flashing intensity. The most sexually charged signs of the zodiac, Scorpio’s essence is water, which bodes well during this earth-based Taurus season.

Full moons cast light on the truth, and in the case of a Scorpio full moon, the truth is bound to be intense. Use the collective energy of Taurus season to stay cool, calm, and metaphysically collected as this fierce moonbeams brightly, revealing that which may have been hidden from view. Watch out for instant love connections, romantic confessions, bursts of creative courage, fertile conceptions, temptation, grand commitments, and other themes that require the might of Scorpio energy.

Consensual touch—both platonic and otherwise—come under the light of this intimate Scorpio moon. Always ask for consent before touching people if you don’t know them well enough to know for sure.

Scorpio and Taurus are both revered for their sensual proclivities, so get down with solo affection, or turn up the heat if partnered or dating. Prop up a partner with a soothing shoulder or foot massage, or request one for yourself. Get in touch with your base energy center, which is located at the pelvic floor and tailbone. In yoga, this area is considered to be the place in the body where divine energy is located. This combination of lower-chakra focus (Taurus groundedness) and sensual power (Scorpio sensuality) sets an appropriate focus for this moon.

Plant a garden. Get your hands into the earth this spring! As planting season peaks in the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio energy moves in to spur the creation of new life. Earthy Taurus season lays the literal and figurative groundwork for this sensual and sustainable activity, and a Scorpio full moon invites the planting and germination of seeds. Gardening is endlessly healing and inspiring, so setting up a practice of this sort will bring benefits aplenty.

Indoor gardening and utilizing a plot in a community garden are fine alternatives for folks without access to outdoor space. Sprouting seeds in a mason jar for adding to salads and sandwiches is another simple and nourishing option.

Eat. Speaking of lunch, Taurus season is prime time for getting into your body, and there’s no act more affirming than nourishing your physical temple. Full moons are very appropriate times to feast! Look at a Taurus’s weekly menu and you’ll likely find a carefully selected range of top-shelf foods ranging from very healthy to inspiringly decadent.

Choose what calls, paying close attention to the desires of your gut—an intuitive act, which harkens to Scorpio energy. You’ll likely find yourself attracted to Scorpio-esque foods, like mushrooms, raspberries, whole grains, curries, and anything creamy. If you’re not super sure what you’re craving, head to the farmer’s market or produce section and let the fruits and veggies be your guide. What colors are you attracted to? What smells? Go to them and take them home. A day at the farmer’s market followed by an indulgent home-cooked meal would be a picturesque and deeply nourishing way to celebrate this Scorpio full moon.

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