The arrival of May and the approaching Mother’s Day holiday conjures images of brunch, gratitude, and of course—classic bouquets of spring fleurs and greens.

All plants carry power and symbolism, with some being particularly ideal for honoring the mother figure(s) in your life. Roses communicate love, while orchids reflect refined beauty. Coconut palm leaves express abundant health and vitality. Hibiscus flowers are endowed with the power to mend damage from trauma and unlock creative flow, while jasmine flowers bring sensual power and magnified attraction.

We’ve delved into the symbolism and power of a few choice botanicals for your floral arranging pleasure. We’ve also included some dreamy skincare options to offer along with—or in lieu of—raw cuttings. Express your respect and gratitude for the matriarch in your life with one or more of the below botanicals in honor of their majesty:


Roses: Red roses communicate love, courage, and passion. Yellow roses represent friendship, while white roses bring happiness. Pink and peach roses celebrate joy and admiration. Roses are the finest symbol of fertility (both creative or reproductive) and make a timeless addition to any matriarchal bouquet.

Should Mom prefer something more lasting, opt for Coco Rose Coconut Body Polish, which accompanies her during bathing. A bottle of Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil gives chic post-cleanse glimmer, plus ultra-soothing moisture for a radiant glow.

Coconut palm leaves

Coconut Palm Leaves: Coconut water and red blood cells are similarly structured, so this botanical is especially sacred to heart health. Coconut fibers and oils are strong, heat resilient and nutritious; their leaves strong and striking in appearance. These qualities communicate the power and vitality-boosting properties of coconut palms, and in bouquets, their leaves add drama, depth, and the essence of lasting wellness.

As a skin-saving and stress-saving option, give Mom the gift of calm with our Coco Calm set, which includes an 8-oz. Coconut Milk Body Soak and a 4-oz. Coconut Body Oil. She’ll relax and indulge knowing she has you to thank for her soothed spirit and softened skin!


Jasmine flowers are sensual spirits, bestowing the world with their luxurious scent and alluring elegance. If there’s any bloom that’ll encourage your matriarch toward self-love, jasmine is your fleur! Its flowers are aphrodisiacs, and are particularly potent in healing rituals and indulgent pampering sessions. They can additionally awaken a heightened sense of intuition and creative vision. For this reason, consider pairing a jasmine gift with Tarot cards to encourage intuitive reflection and ritual.

Present your Mother figure with the Blossoming Beauty Set, which pairs Jasmine Body Oil with Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish. Both items are infused with jasmine Sambac oil for a double dose of divinely natural scent.


Hibiscus flowers are mighty heart menders. Their playful hue and bright, fruity flavors conduct youthful energy in abundance. Metaphysically, hibiscus helps to restore playfulness, innocence and grace. Bright pink blooms attract love, and when ingested, hibiscus helps to regulate blood and bodily systems. This plant is also skilled at repairing soul damage post trauma or loss. For the tender-hearted or childlike matriarch in your world, bestow the gift of hibiscus flower magic.

For fresh hibiscus at a moment’s notice, grace Mom’s medicine cabinet with a pretty pink bottle of Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, which gives skin a fresh, youthful glow—and the spirit a lift—any time of day. For the makeup-savvy matriarch, offer this mist as part of our Bouquet Set, which includes products beloved by makeup artists galore!

White orchid

Orchid flowers are symbols of refinement, beauty, and grace. They make dramatic additions to floral and garden arrangements, with elegant blooms that seem to float mid-air. A bouquet or centerpiece accented with orchid reflects and attracts sensuality, sensitivity, confidence, and patience. Pop a potted orchid in your matriarch’s bathroom or breakfast nook to remind her of her divinity.

In beauty and skincare products, orchid flower essence locks in moisture and smooths the appearance of the skin. Our Orchid Facial Oil is crafted with orchid flower essence and divine jasmine sambac oil. It’s wonderful under makeup, so beauty-maven Moms will especially love this product. Pick up a full-size vial so she can use it to her heart’s content, or purchase it as part of our Bouquet Set, which combines our best makeup-prep products as well as a smoke cleansing bundle to add a touch of magic to rituals.

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