A full “pink” moon in Libra will light the sky on April 19th, 2019.

Libra, represented by Goddess and planet Venus, is the cardinal (lead) air sign, ruling balance and beauty. This full moon will offer a powerful opportunity in which to celebrate your sensual intelligence and set new intentions to restore harmony in your life and community.

This illustrious moon falls during the transition from Aries season to Taurus season. Fiery Aries is grounded by earthen Taurus in the process, balancing passion with reality and ambition with cadence. Set the intention to improve the integrity of your day-to-day self-care under this full moon’s beams.

As the steward of aesthetics, Venus-ruled Libra calls on the power of feminine beauty, a renewable resource with incredible sway. A Libra full moon presents a prime opportunity to tune into the power of your own unique loveliness, letting it rise and swell with the tides. Allow this lunar pull to extract your innermost glow and confidence for radiance that leaves admirers in awe. Take delight in one or all the following activities this full moon in order to harness and absorb its power:

Dance – One of the most powerful ways to connect to a Libra full moon is through the art of dance. If weather serves, take yourself outdoors to dance under the moonlight. Move to the music of nature (ocean waves, leaves rustling, bees buzzing, etc.) or to flowing tunes (live, ballad-style performances preferred). Let the music move your body as though you’re a seedling dancing with flowing wind. Charge yourself like a crystal in this divine full moon light, allowing Venus energy to swirl with your locks and ensemble.

Music – Similar to dance, the art of playing an instrument or using your singing voice will bring you into connection with this divine full moon in Libra. Get into tune—whether it’s at the Karaoke club or at your baby grand—to tap into the airy flow of Libra via musical waves. Let the notes carry you into a trance if you’re able, and see what messages come.

Psychic Practice – As an air sign, Libra is linked to clairaudience (psychic hearing) and clairsentience (psychic sensation), two kinds of intuitive talent that are likely to peak during this full moon. It is believed that psychic abilities can be developed with practice. Use this moon to meditate deeply and work your metaphysical muscles.

Have a Pink Party – Celebrate the “pink” moon with a themed event. This moon may be celebrated solo, as a romantic gathering, and/or with friends. Get together for a (optional: nude) lounging and pampering. Rent an AirBnB with a hot tub and a view, pile into the sauna, or head to the beach to catch some rays and saltwater waves. Keep the vibe feminine with Libra-inspired drinks, such as water infused with fresh strawberries and lavender bitters.

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