In honor of Women’s Month, Herbivore Botanicals celebrates the indomitable spirit of female entrepreneurs who are shattering stigmas and breaking glass ceilings. In each inspiring conversation, we explore the meaning of womanhood and the power of divine feminine energy. 

In true superwoman fashion, Didi Wong has taken a male-ruled business world by storm.

In 2018 she received the “Women of the Decade” Award in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital from the Women Economic ForumShe has spoken at the United Nations for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative and she’s also a partner with Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation. She’s the founder and CEO of multiple businesses and a judge on the record-breaking business show “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,” and also the star of the soon-to-be-released documentary “Impact,” which highlights her work as a public speaker.

Wong is also a devoted wife and business partner to her husband, and mother to four children under the age of eight. Truly, though—howdoes she do it?

For starters, Wong keeps herself grounded by prioritizing her wellness. “I believe in horoscopes and crystals and I love my candles and beauty regime,” says Wong of her daily ritual. We’ve learned that in the morning, she brushes her teeth and cleanses her skin before toning, moisturizing and applying sunscreen. She performs this same ritual at night—except without the sunscreen—using a facial oil in place of moisturizer. This performance, she says, connects her to “the higher source.”

As you’ll see in the interview below, Didi expertly shirks all that might impede honoring her self-care.

“I use my feminine energy when it comes to taking care of my family, being able to empathize with people and the fact that I am very connected to the higher source.”

– Didi Wong, Entrepreneur

HB: You’ve accomplished truly amazing things as a businesswoman. What is your self-care practice like and how do you maintain it through your incredible growth as an entrepreneur? What self-care tips would you offer other women who are especially busy or ambitious?

DW: I prioritize my time and never feel guilty in taking care of myself. That is my mindset. I do my normal skincare routine in the mornings before I wake my children up for school. After drop off, I first catch up on any urgent emails and then do my fitness class. Most of the time, it would be yoga. 

If there are important emails to attend to, I do my fitness routine in the late afternoon right before I pick up my children. I try to work out at least three times a week. My biggest tip is to schedule your workouts so it is more likely for you to stick to it! I eat well most of the time but I do not deprive myself when I want to indulge! 

HB: I noticed that you and your husband, Micheal, use Feng Shui principles as part of your interior design business. Is there an essentialFeng Shui decor tip that you’d like offer other women?

DW: Yes! Do not sleep facing the front door of your house or apartment!*

*We looked further into this and found that it’s considered bad luck in many cultures to sleep facing the front door as the recently deceased are most often carried out of their home feet first. According to Feng Shui, sleeping with your feet facing the door may lead to restlessness and other health and wellness concerns.

HB: What does womanhood mean to you and how does your feminine energy manifest itself?

DW: I actually consider myself quite masculine in many ways. Maybe that is why I am able to stand tall in the business world full of men. I think I have a great sense of who I am as a woman and I use my feminine energy when it comes to taking care of my family, being able to empathize with people and the fact that I am very connected to the higher source.  

I am very proud to be a woman and would choose it again if I get to for my next life. I think women are the more powerful sex of the two and if we know how to conduct ourselves with the right communication skills, we are more likely to achieve what we want than men.

HB: International Women’s Day recognizes the value that women have in the world and showcases the incredible struggles of the women who have paved the way for us. Who is an inspirational woman in your life, who has helped shaped the woman that you are today?

DW: Personally, [my biggest inspiration] would be my mother. She is my biggest motivator because growing up, I only remember her saying negative words to me. That was her way of showing tough love. But it worked! I have had to do a lot of personal development work to understand her and not to take her words so personally but now that I understand her, I am able to turn her lethal words as a bigger push to prove her wrong. If it wasn’t for my mother, I don’t think I would be as vocal, as straight forward with my thoughts [nor] as ambitious [as I am].

Professionally, I would account Jennifer Lopez as my role model. Her work ethics, her fashion style, her professional attitude, [and] her go-getter personality is very inspiring. I have followed her for years and she truly makes me want to do better.  I have met her twice and she is a genuinely great human being.

HB: As a woman with significant international exposure, what would you say is a common thread that unites the global women’s movement?

DW: Respect for other women and the feeling of lifting every woman up, no matter where they are in their lives. Being interested in others and asking questions. Be more interested than interesting! Being aware of body language when communicating and the use of a smile. These are universal all over the world.

HB: What advice do you want to give to the next generation of women?

DW: Work on yourself. Find every way you can to increase confidence in yourself. If you have a healthy sense of confidence, people will want to be around you more and you will more easily make connections and then cashflow will just come.For more information on Didi, visit her website at

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