We at Herbivore Botanicals harness the power of gemstones and crystals in creating luxurious skincare for the magically inclined. Apply a tourmaline gemstone mask, indulge in the extraordinary energy of our amethyst scrub, or roll a cool, moon-charged jade roller over your complexion for an energized glow. These details and more turn routines into rituals, and skincare into magic.

The intent is to connect to the earth so that your beauty reflects it, and gemstone crystals offer aid in this realm. They have captured the earth’s essence purely and solidly, and in skincare, gemstones fuse energetic cleansing and grounding with self-love. The following products items feature crystals in their makeup:

  • Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish: Light lavender candles and turn down the lights. Caress Amethyst into the skin, allowing its skin-softening oils to penetrate. If bathing in the tub, massaged yourself with this soothing polish from neck to toes, then gently lower yourself into the steaming water to soak, charging your bathwater with crystal energy. Relax deeply thanks to dim lights, steamy water, soothing amethyst crystal energy, jasmine sambac oil and magnesium-rich salt, which calls on feminine power. Emerge with renewed, beautiful skin.
  • Crystal facial tools: Our Jade Facial Roller and Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tools utilize the coolness, smoothness, and weight of polished crystal to massage and energize the complexion, amplifying your glow and evenly distributing oils for a luminous effect. Gentle massage on a regular basis helps to regulate circulation and preserve youth. Harmonizing rose quartz and lucky jade lend energetic benefits to your self-care experiences. Daily use makes the most of these powerful items.
  • Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask: This cool, enzymatic formula is infused with micronized tourmaline crystal, which helps to regulate skin circulation, water retention, stress reduction and detoxification. Metaphysically, tourmaline is known for its joy-boosting effects, which blend beautifully with uplifting pineapple. Smooth this heavenly mask on for twenty minutes three to four times per week to achieve the kind of radiant glow that only highly self-loving individuals boast.
  • Crystal clusters, points and stones: Arrange them about your bathroom, especially around the tub. Try leaving a bowl of your most beloved crystals in the full, crescent or dark moonlight submerged in water. Over the following few days, add the moon water to your bath to inspire those crystal energies to expand, filling your tub and soul with magic. Keep favorites in the bathroom at all times to remind you to carry natural forces with you through each self care ritual.

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