The first full moon of the year is nothing short of a Big Bang. Powerfully dubbed as the Super Blood Wolf Moon, it comes along this Sunday with a Lunar Eclipse. This rare combination makes the full moon even more potent and transformative, allowing you to experience radical shifts if you open yourself up to the possibility of change. 

A full moon represents a time where we look at our shadow selfs. As the bright moon illuminates the dark sky, a full moon represents shining light on our own darkness. We can use full moons to look at the parts of ourselves that we want to change, shift, and release, all while doing so with compassion, for every challenge we experience is an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and grow. 

An eclipse will bring more power to the astrological table. Combined with the full moon, this Sunday is an especially valuable time to take inventory of what you want to release in order to show up as the best version of yourself this year to make all your resolutions actually come true. 

Try this journaling exercise on Sunday evening, by the magic of candle light or even in a luxurious bath, and be prepared to let go of everything blocking you so you can have the most incredible year ever. Safely light a few candles to make the space as mystical as possible. Purify the space with Palo Santo or Sage. In your journal, answer the following questions:

  • What do I want to call forth / manifest this month? This year? 
  • What is distracting me from accomplishing this? (i.e. not going to bed early enough, spending too much time procrastinating, not taking action, etc.)
  • Where is my resistance coming from? (Use this meditative time to see if you can find the answer…close you eyes and breathe deeply, seeing if your intuition can answer the question.)
  • What small action steps can I replace my resistance?
  • How will I hold myself accountable to these steps?
  • How will I also make this FUN and exciting? 

After answering the questions, thank the universe for the clarity and inspiration to make the changes you desire. Happy Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse!

Photo by Luis Flores

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