We are now raising funds for the Queer & Trans Youth Music Project, an organization that supports LGBTQIA+ youth. Its leadership is running programs like Rouge Rainbow, a space where queer youth can hang and organize, and Camp Emerald, where young queer musicians can learn to play an instrument or form a band.

One dollar from every sale of our Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion will go to this beloved Seattle-based organization.

Experts at Herbivore took inspiration from rainbow magic in creating Prism. It was only natural that this youth-boosting serum, which blends a full spectrum of fruit and botanical extracts, would help brighten your complexion and the lives of queer and trans youth by supporting an organization that provides safe and creative spaces for their development.

The org was selected for Prism donation by Herbivore staff members Eileen Neff and Mike Loftus. Both feel a deep passion for the project for its ability to create opportunities for queer and trans youth to express themselves more fully and confidently.

Eileen recalls:

“When I was in my teens and even into my twenties there weren’t a lot of inclusive spaces, and even fewer creative-based inclusive spaces…If I had had a creative community that was also queer and inclusive to all the ways you can be queer, I would have been able to express myself more fully and authentically sooner in my life. [The Queer & Trans Youth Music Project] inspires me to be out and visible. To engage with queer youth and let them see that queer doesn’t look just one way.”

Mike describes a similar connection with the project:

“[The Queer & Trans Youth Music Project] inspires me to continue to produce work as an open queer musician. Especially in the heavy music scene where queer and trans people are hardly represented. As a queer songwriter and musician I feel that early engagement with young artists is the way to a stronger future, and fosters personal growth and achievement.”

Support LGBTQIA+ youth, and your complexion, to express their potential with your Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion purchase. Externally, you’ll beam thanks to powerful botanicals like Prism’s clarifying Orange Peel, brightening Bilberry and vitamin-c rich Kakadu Plum, and you’ll beam from within due to your contribution to the Queer & Trans Youth Music Project.

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